Job Application Experience Certificate for Voyage SE

Job Application Experience Certificate for
Voyage SE

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Certified employer
Meets the softgarden quality criteria. All ratings conducted by real applicants
Job application experience
Simple application process, Fast response, detailed application status
Safe process
Meets the german data privacy regulations with servers located in Germany

Voyage SE: 3 reviews


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Super schnelle Reaktionszeiten und transparenter Prozess
Angefangen bei den beeindruckenden Produktionshallen über die Verpflegung bis hin zum gesamten Verlauf des Gespräches habe ich mich sehr wohlgefühlt. Auch im Anschluss habe ich sehr zeitnah eine Rückmeldung bekommen.
Overall score :


Satisfying reaction prior to the interview
Fast reply prior to the interview
Transparent process as expected and promised
Well prepared contact person and professional interview
Good and thorough presentation of the company at the interview
Friendly atmosphere throughout the interview
Treated as a valued candidate at the interview
Helpful and constructive feedback at the end of the interview
Further steps are explained at the end of the interview